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We have a few open advertisement slots at main domain itself. Here at we can place your advertisement banners and Ancher Text with Links in posts as you see. If you are interested in placing your backlinks on this blog. We guarantee that your link will remain on our blog as per our commitment, after that it depends on other advertisers & other various factors.

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  • Audience Reach: Our blog attracts thousands of readers every day, spanning various demographics and interests. Your message will be seen by a wide and diverse audience.
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Ad Placement Options

We offer a range of advertising options to suit your needs, including:

  • Banner Ads: Prominently display your brand through eye-catching banner advertisements in various sizes and locations.
  • Sponsored Posts: Craft custom content that seamlessly integrates your brand’s message within our blog.
  • Product Reviews: Allow our expert writers to review and showcase your product or service, providing valuable insights to our readers.

ADVERTISE AT NTSRESULTS.PK BLOG is the best platform if you wish to advertise your product & services. We accept advertisements on our blog which can be placed within the article.

Here are some rates & open slots for someone willing to advertise on our blog.

  • Guest posts: We accept guest posts currently.
  • Advertise with the banner: We have open slot if you wish to put your banner advertisement at our blog. Rate for this will be USD 400 for 3 months. We can guarantee your banner advertisement will stay at our blog for 3 months.
  • Review or promotional article post: We are open to post a review or promotional post on our blog. Please let us know what review are you willing to have at our blog. This post won’t be sticky but will remain lifetime at our blog archive. We will talk through email for price of these kinds of advertisements.
  • Collaboration: We are open to collaborating with someone willing to collaborate with us. In such conditions, we do not have any fixed rates. If you think you can help us & get helped we would love to welcome you to an open collaborative discussion.
  • Do you have something else than we listed? Do you think you can advertise in a different way on our blog? We would like to welcome you with the idea & budget you have.
  • Advertise your products with us. You can advertise your products like themes & Plugins.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with us and reach your target audience effectively. To inquire about our advertising rates and available placements, please Contact Us Here or email us mentioned below. is committed to helping your brand succeed. We look forward to working with you to create a compelling advertising campaign that resonates with our readers and drives results for your business.

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