English Grammar Quiz Online Test 01

English Grammar Quiz Online Test 01

Q.01 What is Grammar?
Ans. Grammar is a science which helps to to read,write,and speak a language correctly.

Q.02 What is the origin of the word grammar?
Ans.The English word ‘grammar’ is extracted from the Greek roots “grammat”/”grammatike tekhne” which means art of letters.

Q.03 What is speech?
Ans. The term speech means ‘to speak/say.’The origin of the word speech is the Old English root, sprayer which also mean ‘to speak.’

Q.04 Define ‘parts of speech?

Ans. Parts of speech are the ‘building blocks’ in English grammar.In traditional grammar,parts of speech are the right main categories into which the words we say or write can be categorized. These words are categorized in accordance to their functions in sentences.

Q.05 What is the alternative name for parts of speech?
Ans. Parts of speech is also called “word-classes.”

Q.06 How many parts of speech does English grammar have,and what are they?
Ans.There are eight parts of speech in English,viz.Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb,Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

Q.07 What are the categories of parts of speech?
Ans. Parts of speech has been divided into two broad categories by the grammarians.They are as follows:
a) Open Classes which include Noun,Adjective,Verb and Adverb.
b)Closed Classes which include Pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

Q.08 Under parts of speech/word-classes, what else do the modern grammarians include?
Ans.Under the parts of speech category,modern grammarians have included Articles, Determiners and Numbers.But also,articles are considered as being part of noun.These finds its place mainly in Indo-European Languages.

Q.09 What is the modem definition of parts of speech?
Ans. In modern definition, parts of speech is called as lexical class,word-classes,and or lexical category.

Q.10 Who is the father of modern grammar?
Ans. Noam Chomsky

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