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Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Preparation Books PDF Free Download for Latest advertisement jobs test past papers sample papers, model papers, syllabus pattern solved Mcqs question answers complete papers sheet in PDF download here at from. FPSC Test Preparation Books pdf Free Download. Get latest FPSC past papers with solved Mcqs and books in PDF format that will help you to get highest marks in upcoming exams.

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is a government agency in Pakistan responsible for conducting competitive exams for various civil service positions in the federal government. If you are preparing for an FPSC exam, you may be looking for study materials to help you prepare.

FPSC Past Papers with Answers

There are a number of books that are specifically designed to help candidates prepare for FPSC exams. These books may cover the specific topics and subjects that are likely to be included on the exam, as well as provide practice questions and test-taking strategies. Some popular FPSC preparation books include:

  • “FPSC Competitive Exams Guide” by Dogar Brothers
  • “FPSC Guide for Competitive Exams” by Muhammad Arif
  • “FPSC CSS Competitive Exams Guide” by Ikram Rabbani
  • “FPSC Competitive Exams Preparation Guide” by M. Ikram Rabbani

In addition to books, you may also be able to find online resources and practice tests to help you prepare for your FPSC exam. It is important to carefully review the exam content and format, and to create a study plan that allows you to cover all of the material in a thorough and organized manner.

FPSC Preparation Books Mcqs PDF

You are on the right page if you are looking for past books or articles on PPSC/FPSC PDF 2024 Exam Preparation. We have free books for you for FPSC Job Exam Preparation which includes sample papers, previous documents, style of documents, mcqs 2024 solution in PDF format. The FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) is a government agency responsible for the recruitment and management of provincial civil services and administrative services in the province of Punjab.

FPSC Test Preparation Books pdf Free Download

All FPSC Dogar Brothers, Caravan, Advanced Mission Questions Solved and other updated pdf books are uploaded on our website. How to pass one of the FPSC exams We tell you some good books that will help you prepare for this exam. FPSC prep books pdf free download online without any hassle.

FPSC Preparation Books pdf Download

Many candidates have taken the FPSC exam for many years, but still cannot pass the exam. If you are also one of those students, don’t worry, because in this article I will tell you how to make setting up FPSC very easy. So keep reading this entire article carefully if you want to pass an FPSC exam. It will be better for you to practice solving the questions within the given time. So, if you are preparing for the FPSC exam, it is very important to know the exam pattern.

FPSC Test Preparation Books PDF 2024 Download

FPSC Test Preparation 2024 Online Test For Preparations PDF Books Download, All FPSC Exam Schedule and Preparation Materials.

FPSC Preparation Books 2024 in Pakistan PDF Download

Here Aspirants can download preparation material of FPSC Preparation Books pdf Free Download 2024, fpsc past papers – COMPETITIVE EXAMS MCQ’s, FPSC MCQs.

FPSC Book By Advanced Publisher Latest Edition

FPSC Book By Advanced Publisher Latest Edition. All candidates can download books, effective study notes and Preparation material free.

PPSC Paper Pattern

Moreover, we will also walk you through the study materials related to all the FPSC/PPSC exams which will prove very helpful in improving your level of preparation.

Assistant Director FIA Result 2024 Merit List,FPSC Patrol Officer Jobs Result Merit List 2024

PPSC Lecturer Test Preparation Books 2024

Major editors study on an online prep platform, which means practice test sets are available for your convenience. Here we provide a list of best books related to each section to prepare for the exam according to the comprehensive course which is as follows.

Senior Auditor Test Preparation Books Pdf Download 2024

PPSC FPSC Senior Auditor test preparation books pdf download Published by Advanced Publishers Dogar Unique, Imtiaz Shahid and Carvan

FPSC Past Papers

All FPSC Past Papers Download in PDF. If you still have any doubts or questions about your mind, please mention it in the comments section below and for better response.

FPSC Past Papers 2016
 Essay  Economy of Pakistan
 English (Precis and Composition) Public Administration
General Knowledge Constitution Law including Constitution of Pakistan
Specialized Paper for Office Management – I English Literature
Specialized Paper for Office Management – II Geography
Accountancy and Auditing History of Pakistan and India
 Basic Mathematics and Statistics  History of USA
 Business Administration International Relations
Computer Science Political Science
Development Economics
FPSC Past Papers pdf 2017
Accounting & Auditing.pdf Geography.pdf
Basic Mathematics.pdf History of Pakistan.pdf
Business Administration.pdf History of USA.pdf
Computer Science.pdf International Relations.pdf
Constitutional law.pdf Political Science.pdf
Development Economics.pdf Public Administration.pdf
Economy of Pakistan.pdf Specialized Paper-I.pdf
English (Precis & Composition).pdf Specialized Paper-II.pdf
English Literature.pdf General Knowledge.pdf
FPSC Past Papers 2018
Accountancy & Auditing-I European History
Accountancy & Auditing-II GK-I
Agriculture & Forestry GK-II Current Affairs
Anthropology GK-III Pakistan Affairs
Applied Maths Gender Studies
Arabic Geography
Balochi Geology
Botany Governance & Public Policy
British History History of P & I
Business Administration History of USA
Chemistry -I I.R – I
Chemistry -II I.R – II
Comparitive Studies International Law
Computer Science- I Islamic History & Culture
Computer Science- II Islamic Studies
Constitutional Law Journalism & Mass Communication
Criminology Law
Economics -II Mercantile Law
Economics- I Persian
English (P&C) Philosophy
English Literature Physics- I
Environmental Science Physics- II
Essay Political Science- I
Sindhi Political Science- II
Sociology Psychology
Statistics Public Administration
Town Planning & Urban Management Punjabi
Urdu Literature Pure Maths
Zoology Pushto
FPSC Past Papers 2019 pdf
Accountancy & Auditing-I I.R – I
Accountancy & Auditing-II I.R – II
Agriculture & Forestry International Law
Anthropology Islamic History & Culture
Applied Maths Islamic Studies
Arabic Journalism & Mass Communication
Balochi Law
Botany Mercantile Law
British History Persian
Business Administration Philosophy
Chemistry -I Physics- I
Chemistry -II Physics- II
Comparitive Studies Political Science- I
Computer Science- I Political Science- II
Computer Science- II Psychology
Constitutional Law Public Administration
Criminology Punjabi
Economics -II Pure Maths
Economics- I Pushto
English (P&C) Sindhi
English Literature Sociology
Environmental Science Statistics
Essay Town Planning & Urban Management
European History Urdu Literature
GK-I Zoology
GK-II Current Affairs Governance & Public Policy
GK-III Pakistan Affairs History of P & I
Gender Studies History of USA
Geography Geology
FPSC Past Papers 2020 Download
Accountancy & Auditing-I subjective.pdf Physcis-II subjective.pdf
Accountancy & Auditing-II subjective.pdf Pol.science paper-1 subjective.pdf
Agriculture & Forestry subjective.pdf Psychology subjective.pdf
Applied maths subjective.pdf Public Administration subjective.pdf
Arabic subjective.pdf Pure Maths subjective.pdf
balochi subjective.pdf Sindhi subjective.pdf
BOTANY subjective.pdf Sociology subjective.pdf
Chemistry, Paper-I subjective.pdf Statistics subjective.pdf
Chemistry-2 subjective.pdf Town Planning subjective.pdf
Comparitive Studies subjectice.pdf Urdu Literature subjective.pdf
Computer Science, Paper-2 subjective.pdf Zoology subjective.pdf
Constitutional Law subjective.pdf Punjabi-Subjective.pdf
Crimnology subjective.pdf Journalism subjective.pdf
Economics paper-1 subjective.pdf Anthropology subjective.pdf
Economics paper-2 subjective.pdf British History subjective.pdf
English (P&C) subjective -1 page.pdf Business Administration subjective.pdf
English literature subjective.pdf Computer Science-1 subjective.pdf
Environmental Science subjective.pdf Pol.science paper-2 subjective.pdf
Essay.pdf Islamic History & culture subjective.pdf
European History subjective.pdf Islamic Studies subjective.pdf
Gender Studies subjective.pdf law subjective.pdf
Geography subjective.pdf Mercantile Law subjective.pdf
Geology subjective.pdf Muslim Law & Jurisprudence subjective – Copy.pdf
GK2 CURRENT AFFAIRS subjective.pdf pashto subjective.pdf
GK3 PAK AFFAIRS subjective.pdf Persian subjective.pdf
GK-I subjective 1 page .pdf PHILOSOPHY subjective.pdf
Governance & P.Policies subjective.pdf IR-1 Subjective.pdf
Hist. Pak India subjective.pdf IR-II Subjective .pdf
History of USA subjective.pdf International Law subjectivey.pdf

FPSC & PPSC Test Preparation Books PDF

World G.K and Pakistan  Download
PPSC FPSC Solved MCQs Important Notes  Download
PPSC Pharmacist Test based MCQS type Book and Past papers  Download
Math MCQS notes book for PPSC  Download
A complete Mcq’s book about Quaid e Azam and pakistan  Download
Popular Name of Personalities  Download
Information About Islam Download
Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer Guide  Download

FPSC Test Preparation New Books

All FPSC Test Preparation Books pdf Free Download are available here. All caravan books for fpsc pdf and dogar books for fpsc other best,

Books & Notes PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS etc in PDF

Books & Notes PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS etc in PDF, One Papers Preparation Notes & Books in PDF, Tehsildar & Naib Tehsildar Preparation Books, English Preparation papers and solved examples.

FPSC Past Papers by Imtiaz Shahid Download Pdf

This book has a lot of past papers that are held under Federal Public Service Commission Exams. This past paper will be helpful for the preparation for FPSC.

Check More:

FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers IB Solved MCQs

FPSC Preparation Books Job Test Preparation Guide & Past Papers

FPSC Preparation Books: Dogar Brothers offer the best books for FPSC job test preparation guidebooks. Latest syllabus, past solved papers and guidance tips.

FPSC book by Imtiaz Shahid pdf free download

This Pdf file contains FPSC past papers by M. Imtiaz Shahid. This book has a lot of past papers that are held under Federal Public Service Commission Exams.

FPSC Original Solved Papers pdf free download

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Past papers, Previous Solved Papers, most important Mcqs, and syllabus for upcoming FPSC Exam can be downloaded from, Today we are going to explain how to prepare for the FPSC exam and provide you with the links of FPSC Past Papers in pdf.

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IB Test Preparation 2024 Syllabus Sample Past Papers

Big Book of FPSC Solved Papers pdf free download

FPSC Assistant BS-16 Solved Past Papers & Books in Pdf Download … candidates can download books, effective study notes and Preparation material free.

Dogar Books for FPSC PDF

FPSC Preparation Books: Dogar Brothers offer the best books for FPSC job test preparation guidebooks. Latest syllabus, past solved papers and guidance tips.

Which book is best for FPSC exam preparation?

Here, we will recommend the most reliable books that are designed according to the syllabus issued by FPSC:

FPSC Screening Test Guide by Dogar Brothers.
Bilal Dogar’s General Knowledge One Paper MCQs.
Clerk Recruitment Guide by Dogar’s Testmaster.
FPSC official Management Group Guide by Dogar Brothers.

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