GAMCA Medical Report Online 2024 Check Status

Gulf Approved Medical Association GAMCA Medical Report Online 2024 Check Status verify results by passport number Name, CNIC, Slip number official for passport medical reports print and download in PDF easily. All candidates easily verify online thir GAMCA Medical Report and check their status online. You can check your passport medical report or the GAMCA medical test report online in Pakistan through the Gulf Health Council website. You can view and download your GAMCA test reports online.

GAMCA Medical Report Online 2024 Status Check

GAMCA Medical Report 2024 Check Online via Official Page. Jamca Medical Results Check health status and medical report online using passport number. And the nationality in number of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Complete the online medical report review or edit it online here. In order to obtain a work visa in each Gulf country, anyone wishing to practice medicine must provide proof of their state of health.

GAMCA Medical Report Check Online

To do this, a facility accredited by the Gulf Medical Association (GAMCA) will perform an examination for medical reasons. How can I check my medical status online in Saudi Arabia, Peshawar city medical check results online can be found here. We provide GAMCA Online Slip for GCC Medical Test Appointments. Get your medical test appointment slip online from home via WhatsApp mobile number SMS email.

GAMCA Medical Report 2024 Check Online

We have provided the link to check the report. GAMCA Medical Centers, or Gulf Accredited Medical Centers, is another term used to describe these centers. The site allows you to make an appointment for a medical examination. You will receive a receipt for the payment of the GAMCA medical examination fee at the end of the payment procedure. You will then need to go to the center to take the test as scheduled. It is not necessary to make an appointment to visit any Jamca center.

GAMCA Medical Report Online 2024 Check Status

Passport medical report check online

GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association) is a group of medical centers located in various countries around the world that have been approved by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to conduct medical examinations for individuals seeking employment in the GCC countries.

How to Check Medical Report for Gulf with Passport Number?

If you have undergone a medical examination at a GAMCA medical center, you will receive a medical report detailing the results of the examination. This report will include information about your overall health and any medical conditions or issues that were identified during the examination. It may also include recommendations for further treatment or follow-up care, if necessary.

GAMCA medical status check by passport number

The medical report from a GAMCA medical center is typically required as part of the process for obtaining a work or residence permit in one of the GCC countries. It is important to make sure that the medical report is accurate and complete, as it will be used to determine your eligibility for employment or residence in the GCC country.

How to check GAMCA Medical status online?

If you have any questions about your GAMCA medical report or the medical examination process, you should contact the GAMCA medical center where you underwent the examination or the relevant authorities in the GCC country where you are seeking employment or residence.

Passport Medical Report Check Online

You can view your passport medical report on this page. We will show you how to check your GAMCA and GCCHMC health on the web. Submitting your GCC report online can take a few hours, so be sure to follow through. Check the medical report. A GAMCA certified medical facility will usually provide a result in less than 24 hours.

Online Check GAMCA Pakistan

GAMCA Medical Report STATUS 2024

Now is the time to check the status of your GAMCA medical report. This is a GAMCA test report which can be downloaded and viewed online. In other words, it is an inexpensive examination of a medical report or examination of a medical condition. If you want to review the content of your GAMCA medical report, you only need the information on the medical form.

How to Check GAMCA Passport Medical Report?

To check your Jamca passport medical report, you need to visit the page and enter your passport number. You can also use your passport number if it is not available. The procedure to get a free medical report online is very simple. To view your gamca report, simply follow these steps. On the next screen, select your country and select “I’m not a robot”. Now you can choose to use the search option to search your GAMCA medical report online.

GAMCA Medical Report Online Check for Visa

AS you know It’s finished, congrats. Status Congratulations! Gamca Online report should be shown on the system’s screen. Gamca medical status reviews online here.

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GAMCA Medical Result Report Check Online 2024

The AMCA medical exam is mandatory for anyone seeking a Saudi work visa from countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The following blog posts explain how to check your GCCHMC as well as your medical report GAMCA online through the GCCHMC website with an identification number from your passport.

Passport Number Medical Center Status
BS13***63 AL-Zaeem Medical Center FIT
DV98***54 Medical Diagnostic Clinic FIT
BT55***32 Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
AB77***41 Medical Diagnostic Clinic FIT
CL41***11 Canal View Diagnostic Center FIT
AC6311493 AL-Zaeem Medical Center FIT
HU5972771 Taj Medical Center FIT
BZ4188502 Taj Medical Center FIT
AG1565851 Taj Medical Center FIT
LT1164112 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
CK5147044 Canal View Diagnostic Center FIT
CD6893133 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
DE1176911 Canal View Diagnostic Center FIT
AP6398953 Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
WF4134941 Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
AD8525935 National Diagnostic Centre FIT
UZ1163501 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
AD8525935 Allied Diagnostic Centre FIT
TF1809272 Taj Medical Travellers Clinic FIT
CD5164311 Taj Medical Travellers Clinic FIT
UZ1163501 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
BB4425612 Taj Medical Travellers Clinic FIT
AX9982553 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
HP1980771 National Diagnostic Centre FIT
MR1819091 Quest Medical Center FIT
SL4133321 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
BQ9563452 Quest Medical Centre FIT
DJ9213231 Advanced Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
AF5994823 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
HG8670431 Dr. Thagfan Diagnostic Center FIT
SH1155843 Arsh Diagnostic Centre FIT
HZ1982831 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
AH0995583 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
CB5027271 Iqra Medical Complex FIT
AH5337012 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
BZ9856731 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
CQ9892752 Sahil Medical Center FIT
AC5442091 Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
BY9561082 Iqra Medical Complex FIT
CS6807223 Taj Medical Center FIT
EW1803392 Advanced Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
GB9896382 AL-Zaeem Medical Center FIT
EM7969311 Royal Diagnostic Centre FIT
BR6970771 Canal View Diagnostic Center FIT
CX9893073 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
CC5526512 Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
AS6895023 Canal View Diagnostic Center FIT
CV2851262 Al-Raed Medical Diagnostic Center FIT
HJ5979431 Taj Medical And Travellers Clinic FIT
AX1159582 Quest Medical Center FIT
CB1280191 Advanced Medical Center FIT
BM5192214 Paramount Medical Clinic FIT
JU1841082 Wafi Medical Clinic FIT
AK1931341 Canal View Diagnostic Center UNFIT
AF4209682 Arsh Diagnostic Centre FIT
FT1827101 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
EW1331943 National Diagnostic Centre FIT
BS1880432 Paramount Medical Clinic FIT
BF1013894 Khaleej Diagnostic Centre FIT
JD4102115 Advanced Medical Center FIT
VV4145991 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
RQ4133801 Quest Medical Centre FIT
AM6839371 Bestway Medical Clinic FIT
AP6895113 Quest Medical Centre FIT
BE2221852 Taj Medical And Travellers Clinic FIT
BT9150732 Taj Medical And Travelers Clinic FIT

Gamca Medical Status Online Check

The process of checking your health status or obtaining a free medical report is simple, as you will discover below. If you leave a comment on the form, you may have the opportunity to ask questions about medical passport checks in general. We congratulate you on starting your new adventure.

How can I check my Gamca medical report online?

visit the Gulf Health Council (GHC) website. enter your ‘Passport number or Nationality’ or the ‘GCC slip number’. enter the captcha accurately. click on ‘Generate’, and you will be able to check your GAMCA medical test report online.

How can I check my medical report for Saudi visa?

In order to process your Saudi work visa, you need to pass some medical tests and get a report from GAMCA or GCCHMC. …
In order to check and download GAMCA medical test reports status online;
The system will show you a new page where you can see your medical report.

How can I check my medical status online in Saudi Arabia?

You can now check your Efada medical report online by visiting the Efada service page on the MoH website.
Efada Medical Report for New Iqama or Iqama Issuance.

  • Copies of Passport Including Visa Page.
  • A passport size photograph.
  • Fee for Efada Medical Test: Approx. SR 200.

How can I check my visa medical result?

To follow up on the test result, you can call the authority’s call centre on 800 342 (DHA) and provide your test reference number.

Can visa be rejected after medical?

If you submit the medical certificate but fail to submit any of the other required documents, you have not submitted a valid application and cannot be granted a visa. Or if you passed the medical exam but neglected to include the certificate in your submission. It is not enough to do it – you also have to prove it.

How do I download my medical ID?

How to download a digital health ID card online?

  • Step 1: Log in to your account through the website or mobile app, use your health ID number and date of birth, and click on submit.
  • Step 2: Select your ID card and click on “Download Health ID Card” to download your ID card.

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