Induction Program for KPK Teachers 2024

Induction Program for KPK Teachers 2024 apply online last date application form download syllabus requirements qualification advertisement candidates lists procedure for selections details. KPK government has introduced Induction Program KPK 2024. The induction program is a teacher training program. Newly hired teachers in KPK have to join Expert instructors will train all new teachers in KPK for the sixth month. It is an initial training program designed by the Directorate of Education KPK. SST, EST, and PST will complete 2024 within a given timeframe. You will learn about the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa induction program. Today we are going to give a detailed presentation of the KPK Teacher Induction Program. Looking for details on the KPK Teacher Induction Program? If that’s the case, then look no further for the induction program.

What is a Teacher Induction Program? The intent of a teacher induction program is to provide a systematic structure of support for beginning teachers. A comprehensive induction program may include components such as: New teacher orientation: An orientation program begins the comprehensive induction program.

Induction Program for KPK Teachers Online Apply

In short, if you want the relevant details about Induction Program for KPK’s Teachers then read the given article here in which you can read the introduction of the Induction Program, Subjects’ details, Time duration of the Learning Process, registration procedure Induction Program KP. Let’s find out about the KPK Teacher Induction Program! The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education E & SED KP has started a new program to improve the knowledge and pedagogical skills of newly selected teachers related to their special subject. It can be Mathematics, General Science, English and other subjects.

Admissions, Admissions Registration Online, Roll No Slips schedule

Teacher Training Schools in the KPK Open Induction Program – Registration Stage. One phase consists of six months. Subsequently, the institutes will notify a new batch of students of the enrollment schedule. Interns must pass the test. The main objective of this program is to improve the knowledge and pedagogical skills of the new teacher.

KPK Induction Program for Teachers

Recently, the KPK government has recruited many new teachers for primary, primary and secondary schools. The KPK government first introduced an induction program for teacher training. It is a great initiative towards the quality of education in the province. Teachers will be fully trained and will meet the needs of students.

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The Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Training (DCTE) has presented a mobile application for the Guidance Program. Teachers upload their video lectures to this app and students get lessons and learn skills. app is linked with the special learning management system. Present induction program for only KPK government teachers training. DCTE focuses on the teacher’s pedagogy skills in math, English, physics, chemistry, and biology subjects. Login

The induction program is the basic training part for KPK teachers. They will have to complete an induction program to enter the teaching profession permanently. First, teachers need to register their data in the IP Android app. You will get a personal login to view assessments, lessons, speakers and other details. Phase 2 Syllabus

The DCTE Curriculum Suite prepares the curriculum for the induction program. The syllabus guide is also available on the official website for learners. You can download it in pdf format for free. The induction program contains theoretical and practical parts that must be approved. Dear Teachers, We have expressed complete information regarding 2024. Come to the inbox where you can write your questions for more details.

Induction Program For NTS Teachers KPK

The name of this program is “Induction Program” which was designed by the Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Training and will be implemented by the Provincial Institute of Teacher Training (PITE). It is a unique concept that will debut in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Initially, this content knowledge program will be delivered to newly appointed teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Induction Program For NTS Teachers KPK

The Specialized Learning management system has been approved by KP Government. So, newly hired Teachers can register The total duration of this learning process is six months.

How do I start an induction program?

A good induction process includes the following:

an overview of the company’s history, products and services.
a description of the company mission, vision, culture and values.
physical orientation (where things are)
organisational orientation (how the employee’s role fits into the organisation)

Induction Program KPK Phase 2 Syllabus

If you are looking for the syllabus to be taught in the second stage of the KPK induction program, then you have come to the right website. Here I have shared the syllabus and some work from last year which you can easily access from this page. Books’ names are followed,

  • Educational Psychology-Trainees (Download)
  • Math’s Elementary – Elementary Level-Trainees Manual-Induction Program (Download)
  • Use of ICT in Education -Trainees Handbook-Induction Program session (Download)
  • The teaching of Math’s-Trainees Handbook-Induction Program Phase II (Download)
  • Classroom Management & Assessment-PST-Trainees session (Download)

Induction Program KPK Phase 2 Application Download

Remember, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has also suggested newly appointed teachers to buy tablets at DEO before February 28. PST, SST, PET and CT teachers who have been employed between 2019 and 2024-2024 can download the app from Playstore.

How to install App for induction program KPK?

Download the KP Induction Program app and install it on your phone to reap the benefits. People ask how to get to KPK from stage 2 of the induction program. The answer is very simple, to access this you need to register at @ or download the KP app for induction from the internet.

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