ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements Papers

ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements Written Test jobs Sample Papers & MCQS With Answers from here in pdf format. We guide you about ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements. If you have applied To Pakistan Army, Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air Force PAf as Commissioned then you are to undergo ISSB tests for final selection.

ISSB stands for Inter-Services Selection Board and candidates who passed their initial tests in the Pak Army, Pakistan Navy, and PAF recruitments center are sent to ISSB through call letters for final selection. So stay on this to get information about the syllabus for the ISSB test. This is about the ISSB Test of the Pakistan Army. ISSB Test Day 01, Day 02, Day 03, Day 04 & Day 05 detailed test pattern and its Syllabus.

ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements Papers

ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements

The initial screening test is designed to assess the aptitude of the candidates in common subjects such as English, Maths, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, and General Knowledge.

ISSB Centers in Pakistan

Following are the 4 Inter-Services Selection Boards in Pakistan where candidates from all over Pakistan are sent according to their region.

  • Kohat ( KPK)
  • Gujranwala ( Punjab)
  • Malir Karachi ( Sindh)
  • Quetta (Balochistan)

Aim of ISSB

The aim of the Inter-Services Selection Board is to pick talented commissioned officers for the Pakistan Defence forces who have the required abilities to successfully complete their course of training at the Military Academies( Pakistan Military Academy Kakul PMA, PAF Asghar Khan Academy Risalpur, Naval Academy) and also possess physical, mental, social and dynamic qualities to make successful leaders during peace and war.

ISSB fulfills the selection of candidates for training as talented officers for all three defense services of Pakistan. Read newspapers, watch TV, and search on the internet to know all about current affairs. Research about history and defense because there will be some general knowledge questions in the ISSB test. You should discuss any trending topic with your friends and family members so that you get a greater grip on them.

Test Pattern and Selection Criteria for ISSB

There are three Selection Techniques followed by ISSB. All candidates selected for ISSB are to undergo three types of tests

  • Psychological Tests
  • Out Door Tests
  • Interviews

Psychological Tests

Psychology Tests are conducted on the morning of the first day which includes Intelligence Tests, Mechanical Aptitude Test, and Personality Test

1-Intelligence tests

First Test on the first day is the Intelligence test which includes Verbal Intelligence Tests and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests. Candidates who are unable to fulfill the minimum standard of this test are screened out and sent back to their homes without proceeding with further tests.

2- Mechanical Aptitude Test

This test indicates the candidate’s basic mechanical sense

3-Personality Test

This test is based on a written test of analytical and projective types.

Out Door Tests

Outdoor tasks are conducted in groups and in this way candidates are put through a number of standardized situations to find out the degree of officer-like qualities in a candidate i.e., team spirit, initiative, resourcefulness, etc, and whether the candidate’s personality fits him for a practical role that an officer has to play in the Armed Forces. For these tests, the candidates are divided into groups.

1-Group Discussion

In this test, candidates are given a topic to discuss in an informal way.

2-Group Planning

A model is given to the candidates to solve this problem through a group plan.

3-Group Tasks

There are three group tasks are designed in which candidates are presented with a practical situation and groups are left free to solve this group task. These tests are consists of obstacles over which the group is required to carry objects of sufficient bulk and weight.

4-Command task

Each candidate in a group is appointed as a commander of a group and is allotted a practical task to solve with several men.

5-Individual Obstacles

Interviews in ISSB

Candidates are assessed in an informal and objective way by the interviewer. The questions are asked by the interviewer based on the candidate’s life, academic, awareness, and general knowledge to know the candidate’s view.

ISSB Test Requirements for Females

Females from all over Pakistan are also eligible to Join Pak Army, Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air Force PAF as Commissioned Officers according to their eligibility criteria. Females are also to undergo Inter Selection Services board ISSB tests. The ISSB test syllabus Pattern and Requirements which are mentioned above for males are also the same for females.

Testing Program and Schedule in ISSB

The selection through board is made on the basis of five days of psychological screening to test the ability, aptitude and personality of a candidate. The tests are held in any one of the four centers, namely Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta and Malir

Arrival Day
Checking of Documents
Allotment of ID / Chest numbers
Administration Staff’s address
Completion of Board Questionnaires
1st Day
Opening Address by a Deputy President.
Intelligence Tests
Announcement of screening out the result
Remaining Psychological Tests
(Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)
2nd Day
Indoor Tasks
Group Discussion
Group Planning
Outdoor Tasks
Progressive Group Task (PGT)
Half Group Task (HGT)Interviews
3rd Day
Individual Obstacles.
Command Task
Final Group Task (FGT)
Interviews (leftovers)
4th Day
Preparation of all the results
Dispersal of candidates

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ISSB Jobs Test Syllabus Pattern Past Papers Requirements

So, this is the complete article for those candidates who want to know about ISSB Test Syllabus Pattern and Requirements for Males and Females. So start your preparation for physical tests and MCQs-based written test form books available in the market and on sites in PDF format. ISSB Test of Pakistan Army. ISSB Test Day 01, Day 02, Day 03, Day 04 & Day 05 detailed test pattern.

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