How Can I Check Eligibility for Ehsaas Program 8171?

How Can I Check Eligibility for Ehsaas Program 8171?, All individuals must check their eligibility criteria and cash details through the 8171 Web Portal and 8171 Ehsaas Program Online Check Registration.

Ehsaas program was initiated during former prime minister Imran Khan’s government.Lately, the program joined together with Benazir income support, releasing funds and softening the eligibility criteria. Not just lower income groups, everyone in need can get funds to fulfill goals, meet requirements, or provide for their family.

Check Benazir's Income

Despite lenient criteria, you should still be aware of eligibility. In this article, we have glanced at eligibility criteria and how you can check if you are eligible.

All deserving people are located by the survey performed by government workers before the start of each cycle of funds. Since COVID-19, over 7 million people have taken advantage of the Ehsaas8171, and since mergingwith Benazir income support, over 10 million people are targeted to avail of the opportunity.

Check Eligibility through CNIC

Thanks to technology, everything has been made much easier now. For the Ehsaas program, you can register and check CNIC online via SMS or visit the nearest center.

To check CNIC online:

  • Visit the Ehsaas online portal
  • Go to check box
  • Type in your CNIC and send it
  • Whether or not you are eligible, you will receive a response there

Checking CNIC Via SMS:

  • Send your CNIC number to 8171
  • Wait for some time
  • Applicants will be informed about eligibility.

Checking CNIC Via the closest center:

  • Go to the nearest center with your CINC
  • Meet the representative
  • Ask them about your CNIC eligibility and tell them your CNIC number.

In all three scenarios, visit if you are eligible for the program you are applying to and collect funds.
The nearest center will collect your funds.

Eligibility per program:

Here is the list of all programs offered by Ehsaas programs with their eligibility criteria:

  • Ehsaas Kafalat Program: woman only

Ehsaas Amdan Program: 25000 unemployed citizens who want to be self-employed

  • Wazir-E-Azam Relief Package: lower income group
  • Ehsaas Nashonuma Program: for children with malnutrition and for new mothers only.
  • Ehsaas Loan program:for students only.
  • Ehsaas Scholarship for students: students of and above 18 only.
  • Ehsaas Langar Program: initiated for labor with minimum wages.
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash program: for emergency cash
  • Ehsaas Koi bhooka Nahi soya:lower income groups
  • Ehsaas Panahgah Program:labor/ mazdoor community
  • Ehsaas Disable person: disabled community only.
  • Ehsaas tahafuz program: initiatedfor people who require treatment after intense accidents.
  • Dar-ul-Pass Ehsaas Program: orphans only.
  • Ehsaas Student Program: students from age 4 to 22.
  • Ehsaas Rashaan Program: lower income group.
  • Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas: Mazdoor/ labor community.
  • Baan programfor street hawkers only.
  • WEC:for woman eggar to learn
  • Ehsaas Masawaat program:citizens above 18 to 40 years old.
  • Ehsaas BaHimmatBuzurg Program: older citizens above 65
  • EhsaasHumqadamProgram:lower income group
  • EhsaasSila-e-fun program:elder citizen above 50
  • EhsaasZewar-E-Taleem: female students
  • Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi program female victims of acid attacks.
  • Ehsaas Rashan Riayat program: for lower income group

Why am I not eligible?

Not everyone is eligible for the program. The latest announcement of 2022 contained a list of applicants who can not apply for this program.

To get a rough idea, here is a list of people who can’t apply for the Ehsaas program:

  • Government employees
  • Immediate family members of a government employee
  • Owner of large or small property
  • Small- or large-scale entrepreneurs of an already started business.


You can also receive the funds in your bank account and draw them

  • Visit HBL ATM
  • Press the green button
  • Choose the language
  • Select Ehsaas program
  • Input CNIC
  • Perform Biometric
  • The amount will be withdrawn


If you believe you are eligible but can’t register yourself, launch a complaint at Ehsaas emergency cash hotline 0800-26477 or email at [email protected].

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Ehsaas program is for everyone working hard to provide and settle but is not receiving enough. Lower-income groups and students are taking advantage of different facilities offered through the Ehsaas program, especially since the funding has risen after the merger with Benazir income support.

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