HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024

Higher Education Commission Pakistan HEC HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024 updated of HJRS HEC List 2024 Recognized Journals as per HJRS classifies HEC-recognized journals into three distinct categories and List Of Hec Recognized International Journals 2024.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan maintains a list of recognized journals for research publications. These journals are categorized into different disciplines and are considered reputable sources for scholarly publications. However, please note that the list may change over time, so it is always a good idea to check the HEC website for the most up-to-date information. Here are a few examples of HEC recognized journals:

  1. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA)
  2. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences (PJMS)
  3. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PJPS)
  4. Pakistan Journal of Botany (PJB)
  5. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (PJAS)
  6. Pakistan Journal of Zoology (PJZ)
  7. Pakistan Journal of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (PJAEC)
  8. Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan (JCSP)
  9. Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences (PJAS)
  10. Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries (PJIML)

This is just a small sample, and there are many more journals recognized by the HEC across various disciplines. It’s important to note that the HEC has specific criteria and guidelines for recognizing journals, and being on the list signifies that the journals meet those criteria. Researchers and scholars are encouraged to consult the HEC website or contact their respective institutions for the most accurate and comprehensive information regarding HEC recognized journals for research publications.

Hec Journal Recognition System 2024

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan aims to improve the standard of magazines and publications. For journal recognition, HEC has introduced an online system called HJRRS. Its main objective is the recognition of research journals. HJRRS stands for EC Patrol Recognition System. Academics/researchers will be required to follow HEC recognized research journals in Pakistan to publish articles. HJRS HEC recognized research journals are valid in Pakistan. Everyone can visit hec.gov.pk to access the HJRS portal. The HJRS HEC list contains the names of valid research journals.

HEC Recognized Journals Research Publications

Call for Accreditation of Pakistan-based Research Journals (For the Year 2024-24) is closed. Submitted applications are under scrutiny/review process. HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS), A collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories – W, X and Y.

List of HJRS HEC Recognized Journals

HEC Pakistan has reviewed and updated its research journals and publication policy. I have notified all the universities. Now Pakistani universities will have to follow the list of HEC recognized journals 2024. Masters and Masters of Philosophy and PhD students. Classes are required to view a list of HEC recognized magazines. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has ranked research journals on the basis of research knowledge. It has generally categorized research journals and journals into three types named W, X and Y. HEC does not accept fake and illegal journals and journals in Pakistan.

What is HJRS?

A group of research journals that have been classified into three different categories – W, X and Y – within their respective fields of knowledge based on a series of internationally recognized criteria that measure journal quality. The relative position and rank of each journal is calculated using a proprietary algorithm designed with the goal of promoting quality research in various disciplines.

List of HEC recognized International Journals

HEC approves those journals that meet the standards of the international research community. In Pakistan, many journals have obtained NOC/NOC. Researchers and academics can use these journals for their publication. They will not go to any office for this. The Commission has uploaded the list of recognized and valid journals on the official website.

HJRS Categories

There are three classes of HJRS HEC based on priority. W, X and Y are the three main names of these classes. W is the top research journal according to HEC priority. But HEC has also classified them in the mentioned categories. Visit hjrs.hec.gov.pk to download the list of HEC recognized international journals. It is very useful for your studies and research papers to identify valid/legal research journals. HEC Pakistan has rated and recognized journals in the following disciplines.

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Agriculture​
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Management Sciences and Economics
  • Multi-Disciplinary

HJRS HEC Unique Algorithm

HJRS uses a new measure of the Journal Prestige Index (JPI) that is calculated as a function of the internationally recognized journal prestige standards measured. Relative thresholds, determined by HEC’s peer review panel, are used in the JPI to rank journals in categories W, X or Y. All six factors are equally weighted to ensure that no bias is introduced towards any factor.

HJRS HEC Multidisciplinary

HJRS includes all domains and subcategories according to JACS. This provides a precise and exact placement of the journal at two different levels: within a higher level subject area and different subcategories within a higher level subject area. As a result, quality parameters relating bias to any subject area are normalized relative to journal parameters for the subject area.

SR Title Action
1 Remote Sensing of the Environment Click Here
2 Molecular Biology and Evolution Click Here
3 Trends in Ecology and Evolution Click Here
4 Genome Biology Click Here
5 Current Biology Click Here
6 Plant Cell Click Here
7 New Phytologist Click Here
8 Biological Reviews Click Here
9 Systematic Biology Click Here
10 Ecology Letters Click Here
11 Trends in Plant Science Click Here
12 Plant Physiology Click Here
13 ISME Journal Click Here
14 Annual Review of Plant Biology Click Here
15 PLoS Biology Click Here
16 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences Click Here
17 Molecular Plant Click Here
18 Plant Biotechnology Journal Click Here
19 Trends in Food Science and Technology Click Here
20 Annual Review of Phytopathology Click Here

HJRS HEC Transparency

HJRS reports the raw and percentile score for the parameters and a Journal Prestige Index (JPI) which is used to calculate the relative position of the journal to ensure transparency in the assignment of classes and medals to the journal. Relative scores allow researchers to compare the quality of a journal in its subject area and associated subcategories with peer-reviewed journals in the same field.

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List of HEC recognized Journals 2024 PDF

Now researchers, professors and students will have to publish their research articles/papers only in HEC-approved journals. They can see the names of well-known magazines online, as well as the categories. Dear Colleagues, We have mentioned the full details of HJRS HEC. Also, we answer your questions in the comments section.

HEC Contact Numbers Website Address

  • Address: Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad.
  • Phone: 051 9040 0000
  • Website: www.hec.gov.pk

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