How to Calculate Aggregate for MDCAT?

How to Calculate Aggregate for MDCAT? PMC MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2024, MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024. MDCAT full form is the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. MDCAT Test will be held on 13th November 2024. The students who want to get admission to medical or dental colleges have to pass this test. A lot of students dream of being doctors and they work hard for achieve their aim. The students have to get maximum marks in both F.Sc. and MDCAT. This test was conducted online by PMC.

How to Calculate Aggregate for MDCAT?

MDCAT aggregate formula 2024 is provided on this page. According to the Pakistan Medical Commission, the passing marks for MBBS are 55% and for BDS 45%. The students must have to pass this test with a minimum 55% and 45% marks to get admission.

MDCAT Passing Marks 2024 by PMC

Following is the aggregate percentage for the MDCAT test. Check here

Admission Policy For Public & Private Colleges

Applicants of MDCAT test is notified that they can check the complete formulate through which they can calculate the Aggregate for Admission in Public and Private Colleges. Students are advised to check the Admission criteria from here. Check Admission Criteria

PMC MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2024

The Calculation Method for the current year 2024 has been issued by PMC, students can check the updated methods for the sake of understanding. For calculating the MDCAT aggregate, the Pakistan Medical Commission made a formula. The aggregate for MDCAT is made by the formula given by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The aggregate formula for MDCAT 2024 is given below:

  • MDCAT aggregate= marks obtained in MDCAT/total marks (200) x 50%
  • 40% of HSSC
  • 10% of Matriculation

This test consists of five portions, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Logical Reasoning. The total marks of the test are 200 (1 mark for each MCQ). There is no negative marking.

The division of marks for the subjects is as follows:

  • Biology (68 MCQS) 1 mark for each MCQ = 68 marks
  • Chemistry (54 MCQS) 1 mark for each MCQ = 54 marks
  • Physics (54 MCQS) 1 mark for each MCQ=54 marks
  • English (18 MCQS) 1 mark for each MCQ=18 marks
  • Logical reasoning (6 MCQS) 1 mark for each MCQ=6 marks

PMC MDCAT 2024 Aggregate Calculator New Formula

How to Calculate Aggregate for MDCAT Online?

  • 50% of MDCAT 

For example, if you got 167 marks in MDCAT, then

167÷200 x100= 84%

50% of MDCAT= 84 x 50÷100= 42%

  • 40% of FSC

You got 980 marks in FSC out of 1100.

980 ÷1100 x100=  89%

40% of FSC marks = 89 x 40÷100= 36%

  • 10% of Martriculataion 

You got 910 marks out of 1100 in Matriculation then

910 ÷ 1100 x 100 = 83%

10% of Matric Marks = 83 x10 ÷ 100 = 8%

In the end calculate the values and get the complete aggregate

= 42% + 36% + 8%

= 86%

The closing merit and merit lists for MBBS and BDS for all public and private colleges will also be available. The merit lists of previous years are available on our website. For getting the authentic and latest updates regarding MDCAT, keep on visiting.

MDCAT Result 2024 Merit List College Wise

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024

As you know this year the exams of only elective subjects are taken due to the coronavirus so the marks of only elective subjects will be considered for admission. The merit according to the above aggregate formula will be calculated and the merit lists will be uploaded by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The students who cannot pass the exam will not be able to get admission in MBBS or BDS in government and affiliated medical and dental colleges.

National MDCAT Merit Calculator

This test is compulsory for getting admission to MBBS or BDS. Now the students can calculate the aggregate formula for MDCAT with the help of MDCAT aggregate calculator 2024-23.  The students can also learn how to calculate the aggregate for MBBS 2024 with MBBS aggregate formula 2024. The students can easily calculate their aggregate by the MDCAT merit calculator which is given below.

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