PMC MDCAT 2024 Aggregate Calculator New Formula

PMC MDCAT 2024 Aggregate Calculator New Formula.PMC MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 Formula.PMC Aggregate Calculator updated formula here at. Check the Online PMC MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 Formula from this page. Pakistan Medical Council PMC conducted MDCAT on 13th November 2024 Sunday.

PMC MDCAT 2024 Aggregate Calculator – New Formula

Likewise, every year, thousands of students from various provinces of Pakistan undergo the Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) in November 2024. After the conclusion of the MDCAT, participants look for the Aggregate Calculator to calculate the MDCAT Aggregate. It can be tricky for beginners but don’t worry, as we are here to guide you.

After a lot of changes in policies and protocols, the MDCAT aggregate is outdated now. Read this article till the end to find out the latest changes. You are free to share it with the other participants who took their MDCAT Tests to seek admission to MBBS or BDS.

MDCAT Aggregate Division

The merit of the MBBS or BDS applicants looking to secure a seat in their desired Medical colleges doesn’t depend on MDCAT alone. The policies changed, and the score depends on FSc (Intermediate) and MDCAT. To find out how many marks you scored collectively, firstly, you should know the weight of each section. For example, if an institute is considering MDCAT, FSc, and Matric, then you need to know the percentage of each section.

The Aggregate will give a target to the FSc students. They have to acquire this target. It is how they can get a seat in the desired college.

Here is the formula for the MDCAT Aggregate division:

  • MDCAT = 50%
  • FSc or A-levels = 50%

The MDCAT marks division is essential to understand better how to prepare for your MDCAT. Ultimately, it will give you an idea of how much effort you should put into your Aggregate in each subject. The marks distribution or subject number of MCQs is below:

  • Biology = 68 MCQs
  • Chemistry = 56 MCQs
  • Physics = 56 MCQs
  • English = 20 MCQs
  • Logical reasoning = 10 MCQs

Previously, each MCQ had 5 marks, and attempting a wrong question deducts 6 marks. But now, each question carries 1 mark, and no negative marking is done. The new policy now tests your nerves and capability of logical reasoning through the logical reasoning section.

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How to Calculate MDCAT Aggregate?

The MDCAT Aggregate calculation is quite simple. Use the formulas below:

  • Formula A: (Marks obtained in Intermediate / Total marks in Intermediate) x 50
  • Formula B: (Marks obtained in MDCAT / Total marks in MDCAT) x 50

Add the percentage obtained from both formulas, and you will get your Aggregate. If you want to include your matric marks, you can rearrange the formula according to the new policy. You can ask us through the comments section if you still find it difficult.

  • Formula A: (Marks obtained in Intermediate / Total marks in Intermediate) x 50
  • Formula B: (Marks obtained in MDCAT / Total marks in MDCAT) x 40
  • Formula C: (Marks obtained in Matric / Total marks in Matric) x 10

Add all of them to calculate your Aggregate.

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How to calculate your aggregate for MDCAT?

Marks in Entrance Test x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% Admission test. 50% of HSSC + 50% of admission = aggregate marks. Aggregate percentage = aggregate mark x 100.

Particularly, the general Mark calculation in MCAT is the following:

  • Marks in HSSC/ 1100 x 50.
  • Marks in Entrance Test/ 200 x 50.
  • Add values from HSSC and TEST results.

How do you calculate the percentage in PMC?

Here is a guide for overseas Pakistani students on how to calculate aggregate.

  • Equivalence of O-Level = 812/900 Equivalence of A-Level = 925/1100 SAT II Score = 2100/2400.
  • Aggregate Marks = 99.24 + 370 + 481.25 = 950.49.
  • Aggregate Percentage = 950.49/1100 x 100 = 86.4081.

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